About Me

My name is Roxana Bogdan (Iacinta Roxana Bogdan). I was born in Bacau, Romania on 14th of April 1987.
I completed my schooling in my hometown, including a bachelors degree in PR and Communication.
Since 2011 I started living in Denmark.
Even if I wrote some poems before, here, in Copenhagen the real writting began when stacks of paper piled up on my table. They resulted in my first self-published poetry collection ''Roxanity''.
Later on I signed a contract with Olympia publishers and now my collection is available for ordering online and in bookstores.
I enjoy travelling, the fresh air, nice cafes and restaurants and good laughter.
I write about my life, my feelings as they flow in the moment.

Welcome to my world!


Roxana Bogdan
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