Time Stood Still

Time stood still
And a second
Was forever.

Time stood still
Just for you
To enjoy.

Time stood still,
You couldn't smile
Nor cry.

Time stood still
For the leaves
To fall on you.

Time stood still
And the sky
Could breathe the earth.

Time stood still
All the gates got open.
Love is free.

Mild October Evening

You and me-
We will always have
The sun and the moon,
Sweet memories
And the good feeling
Of a mild October


Walk all the bridges
Enjoy all the kisses.
Discover the morning bliss!

Pick your favourite flower
Don't waste any hour!
Discover the living of now!

Listen to the nature's sound
Love is you, profound.
Discover the beauty in all!

Be the greatest you can be
Rest your body by the sea.
Discover the power of the universe!

At the end of the Ocean

At the end of the ocean
You will find
My soul
Reaching for the sun
And the touch
Of the sand -
An eternity of life
Running through
My veins
And shinning
Through my eyes.

Water is all you Need

Here you are
In the middle
Of the desert
Of your life.
And you know
That water is
All you need.


You learn
By each day.
So be brave enough
To be awake,
to be ready
for new adventures,
for new moments.


A Young Love Forever

Follow the steps
To the end of the world
And discover
A new beginning.

Follow my heart
Until the end of the days
And feel
A young love forever.


The sky will
Hide away
The flowers
That I picked
And will transform
Them into raindrops.
They'll rain on my
You'll think that
My tears
Come from heavens.

Eternal Woman

Red lipstick
Long dress
Naked feet.

Gorgeous hair
Smooth hands
Sexy shoulders.

Passionate walk
Sweet voice
Uncovered back.

Perfect moves
Shining eyes
Innocent invitation -

Eternal woman.

Perfect Blue

Perfect blue
Open Ocean
I'm with you
Deep emotion.

Perfect blue
In your eyes
Love you too
Love never dies.


Kiss the roses
And then
Find out where happiness lays.

Touch the raindrops
And whisper
Why life is complicated sometimes.
Look at the sky
And perhaps
You will understand eternity.

Listen to your voice
And confirm
What you knew from the inside.


Life is a field
With flowers.
You choose
The colours,
The size and
The smell
And the way
They are arranged.
Ups! You forgot!
They also
Need water!