inspire What inspires me is:

the fresh air - you know that feeling when you breathe and that was a good fresh breath? That is what my body wants and what gives me energy. I prefer the cold, I prefer the freshness of the North.

playing with words - you know when sometimes you say something or someone else says something. It catches your attention and even your mind is triggered by it. Or you read something that sounds so good that you want it to have eternal meaning.

the ocean - sometimes it is just me and the ocean. I look at him and he is making some noise with his waves and I admire the nature then I will put some words in my mind and I will remember next time when I am close to my pen and piece of paper. The ocean is vast and he has his stories.

nature - the flowers, the birds, the trees, the gentelness of the swans moving on the lake, the sky, the earth, our nature is always talking to us.

seasons - you know when the leaves are falling? That is such an inspiration. You know when grass is green? That is also an inspiration. Or the snow falling and especially the rain!!!

Madonna's songs (the 90's ones) - The songs from that period have good messages of love and life.

the night - when almost everyone is sleeping my thoughts keep me going.

silence - I am not afraid of it, it gave me good points about life, it gave me what I call my philosophy.